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Five fairly nice guys - one big mean sound

    The Santa Barbara-based Doublewide Kings play a uniquely tweaked blend of original music and cover tunes that brings new passion to the familiar pleasures of roots-rock, Americana, country-blues, and the glory days of ‘70s FM radio. 

     With sommelier-like precision, these every-day Joes have cobbled together a repertoire that combines the deepest and most rewarding of old vine cuts with their own tasty, freshly-pressed songs, and the heady result is that, in the hands of the Kings, rock’n’roll once again feels urgent, exhilarating, and above all, fun.

     From shimmering harmonies and delicate acoustic work  to soaring guitar solos and big, bottom-swaying grooves, the Doublewide Kings bring their own crafty magic to every stage they step on, and they don’t quit until band and audience have become one happy, sweaty, satisfied tribe. 

     If you miss the soul-edifying thrill of live, bold rock’n’roll, the Kings are ready to light you up again. If you’ve never experienced that particular thrill, the Kings would be honored to show you how it’s done.  


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