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Cord Pereira

The band’s bouncer. Cord’s guitar-playing combines the fearlessness of a great explorer, the passion of a poet, and the stunning, aesthetic impact of a great explorer beating the hell out of a poet. Cord knows damn well where the ‘right’ notes are, but he’s found some better ones too—one's that only he knows about. Ride along with Cord on his next soaring solo and you’ll end up feeling that your brain has been ever-so-slightly reshaped—not an unpleasant sensation once the tingling subsides. If the band actually were a doublewide, Cord would be our engine—450 horsepower of forward thrust that won't even think about stopping -even if we run out of road.  

Bring friends and family down to Puerto Vallarta for fun and relaxation in Cord's Orchid Tree House.

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